How do I pay for my sent messages? And how to charge my credit?

GoSMS works either on a reverse billing principle, where you just send whatever you need and pay the invoice on monthly basis, or with a chargable credit balance.

1. Reverse billing invoices

Reverse billing is perfect for users not willing to concern themselves to watch and regularly charge their credit. It should be noted though, that reverse billing per previous month is only allowed for contractual customers. There’s nothing easier than becoming one! All you have to do is call +420 388 422 242 or write to and we’ll handle everything together.

You can then pay the invoice in the administration of your account in the Invoices by clicking the Pay button.

You will be redirected to a subpage, where clicking on the Pay online via GoPay button will open the payment gateway, through which you will make the payment of the invoice.

2. Credit

You can charge your credit balance directly in the administration webpage, either by money transfer or online via GoPay (with a payment card or payment button).

Before the first charge of credit, the user must be certified – to check it’s actually the correct person chraging the credit.

So how to charge the credit? Simply in two steps!

1. With the slide bar, set the charge amount
2. Choose to pay online through the GoPay payment gateway​

Minimum charge amount is 8 Euro. When charging with a card, you can charge up to 970 Euro per one charging.