Webhook URL settings for the option to opt-out SMS

Connect GoSMS with external tools and use the option to extend the SMS message with a opt-out element. The instructions will show you how to set up a webhook URL for this logout.

Webhook settings

In the app.gosms.eu application, click on the Opt-out from SMS messages.

Select the "Activate SMS unsubscribe function" action here.

In the webhook URL field, enter the URL of the webhook that you create within the external application with which you want to link GoSMS to insert the unsubscribe element into SMS messages.

Click Save to confirm.

You will then be sent a request to the URL of the Amazon webhook. Copy the "Subscribe URL" URL from this message.

Subsequently, the connection will be confirmed and the webhook will be set up correctly for logging out of SMS messages. You can verify the confirmation of this link in the GoSMS application on the Unsubscribe from SMS subpage.

Insert merge fields for Opt-out SMS

The text for logging out is chosen by the operator of the external application. However, it is necessary to insert this text with the listed merge fields.

Unsubscribe_code: A unique code used to identify the user who sends the logout request.

Unsubscribe_phone: Allocated telephone number to which the user sends a unique logout code.