What sender name will my recipients see with the message?

Each SMS is sent under a generic sender (GoSMS-test, GoSMS-info or GoSMS.info) instead of a phone number. If you are registering for the first time and your contact has not yet been fully verified, in which case we are talking about the situation before the first top-up, you send SMS messages under the generic sender name GoSMS-test. Once your contact has been verified and the first credit has been topped up, you can choose from GoSMS-info or GoSMS.info.
This generic sender name can be replaced with a unique sender name, for example, the name of your e-shop. The maximum length of the sender's name is 11 characters including spaces, and you cannot use diacritics in the name. Or by selecting your own phone number from our database.
The unique name configuration costs and monthly fee, see current Price list. You can activate the unique name only when you have a sufficient credit for the activation fee. This service can be configured in the administration, in „channels“ section, and is up and running approx. within one month after being set.

How can I activate the unique sender name?

1. Log in to administration
2. Continue to main menu Channels -> Communication Channels
3. Choose the channel where you want to adjust the sender name (choose the „modify“ button) or start a new channel
4. Choose one of the options underneath „Choose sender“
5. Save the setting
6. You’ll be contacted regarding your custom name being configured (the setting takes approx. 30 days)