What’s the use of GoSMS

Use via API

You can use GoSMS to send confirmation codes when autenticating users into your system. It will dramatically improve the security of your web or application. An e-shop that wants to inform its customes about order dispatch process via SMS can also use the API:

Your order no. 123654 has been accepted. Your e-shop

We confirm receiving your payment of 1.512 CZK. The goods will be dispatched to your address. Your e-shop

The goods is currently being dispatched to your address. Your e-shop

Send group SMS

GoSMS is an excellent tool for direct marketing (telemarketing) or informing various groups of citizens. GoSMS can be used by town mayor, firefighter, teacher, home owner, businessman, club tutor, doctor or fitness trainer.

Buy our goods with up to 50 % discount this weekend! Your shop

On October 5th, 10am-4pm the electricity will be temporarily shut down in your neighbourhood. Mayor

Today’s 13:15 physiotherapy lesson has been moved to room 102. Weatherwax