What is the purpose of webhooks?

Webhooks are tools for exchanging information among HTML servers, in our case getting a notification about message delivery. Inside the GoSMS administration, you may set up a URL address, which will be called upon an occurence of a particular event (eg. delivery of a message). The URL address may even contain a basic authentication, eg. http://user:pass@example.com. In the report, you’ll receive the same information as in the very message detail, with an event name attached and a link to the event detail.

How often are the reports sent?
To prevent overwhelming you with HTML requests upon each sent message, all the events are aggregated and we send a JSON report onto a chosen URL each 10 seconds (JSON is a lightweight format for data exchange).

What if my URL address is unreachable?
If your URL returns a status code within the interval of <400, 5XX>, the GoSMS will make three attempts to re-send the delivery report.