Sending SMS messages via the Ecomail platform

Through the czech marketing platform Ecomail, you have a unique opportunity to communicate with your contacts through various channels thanks to e-mailing, SMS, Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.

SMS messages in Ecomail

Sending SMS messages through this platform is very simple.

You can do this in a few steps:

1. Register an account with Ecomail in paid mode.

2. Enter the telephone numbers in the required format in the database.

3. You top up your credit in the Ecomail account administration.

4. Payment can be made either by card online or on request by invoice.

5. Select the contact list, segment, or combination of lists to which you want to send the campaign.

6. You set basic information such as the sender's name or the name of the SMS campaign.

7. You will create an SMS message with a maximum length of 160 characters without accents or 70 characters for a message with accents.

8. You can test the SMS.

9. Set up an optional logout element.

10. Send the SMS campaign.