Can I receive SMS replies?

Yes, you can! The GoSMS application is capable of receiving replies to the messages sent by you. All you need is a correctly configured communication channel and the recipients of your messages can reply to them directly.
Beware: If you sent the SMS via a communication channel with an assigned or random phone number, the reply will only be recognized for a 24 hour period.

How can I configure a replying-capable communication channel and where will I see the replies?

1. Log in to your administration.
2. In the menu, choose “Channels” -> “Communication channels
3. Choose “Phone number – generic” or “Phone number – custom” as a type of sender
The recipients of your messages can only reply, if you send SMS from a phone number (you can’t receive replies if you’re being the default, generic or custom user). With GoSMS, there are two options:
  • Phone number – generic: We will send your SMS from a currently unoccupied random phone number. Each client can receive his/her SMS from a different sending number.
  • Phone number – custom: We will send all your SMSs from one particular phone number, that will be assigned to you within 7 days. All your clients will thus receive your messages from a single sender.
After choosing from the options above, within the replies configuration check “I want to receive replies”.
4. Receive your replies in a way most convenient for you – in administration, API or e-mail
4.1 In the administration
The replies will be automatically displayed within the sent messages. You’ll open a particular sent message, where you expect a reply, and you’ll see a complete list of replies. You can then simply export it as a CSV file.
4.2 In the API
You can receive the replies through API – How to configure my API to receive SMS replies?
4.3 In an e-mail
We will forward the replies to your SMS automatically to a chosen e-mail address. If you do not configure any e-mail, you’ll be only able to see the SMS replies in the adminstration or via API.
5. Congratulations! Your communication channel has been successfully configured and can receive SMS replies.