Your e-mail address processing in order to contact you back

What exactly do I agree to?

By sending your e-mail through the “Contact me” button on the web, you give us your consent to process your personal data to allow us to send you business-related messages to your e-mail. In the e-mail, we can offer you our products and services.

How long do I give my consent for?

You agree with the above for the time period of 30 days.

Whom do I give my consent to?

You give your consent to the ZooControl s.r.o. company, ID: 05766656, based in Planá 67, ZIP 370 01 Planá, Czech republic. The ZooControl, s.r.o. will for be an adminstrator and processor of your personal data for 30 days.

How can I withdraw my consent with processing my e-mail address?

You can withdraw your consent at any time by dropping us an e-mail on The withdrawal doesn’t change the fact that up until the withdrawal, we have been authorized to process your personal data in accordance with the current law. You can modify your consents also on

Who exactly will have access to my phone number and address?

Only authorized personnel of ZooControl, s. r. o. will have access to your sensitive data. We will not give them to other companies nor sell them to different countries.

What are my rights regarding my personal data being processed by ZooControl?

During processing your personal data, you have the full rights according to current legislation (since May 25th, 2018, it’s especially the EU regulation 2016/679, widely known as GDPR). It states that:
  • you are permitted to withdraw your given permission at any time;
  • you are permitted to correct and add details to your personal data;
  • you are entitled to erasing your personal data in certain cases;
  • you have the right to access to personal data;
  • you are entitled to limit the processing of your data in certain cases;
  • you are entitled to disagree with the processing of your data;
  • you are entitled to transferability of your data under certain circumstances;
  • you are entitled to issue a complaint to the Office of Personal Data Protection.

Your rights regarding processing of your personal data by tool administrator

You have the right to withdraw your given consent at any time. Withdrawal of your consent is free of charge. The withdrawal doesn’t change the fact that up until the withdrawal, your data were processed legally and in accordance with the current law. The withdrawal doesn’t affect processing of other personal data, that we maintain on a different legal ground (eg. if this processing is neccessary for filling contractual obligations, or filling legal duties according to various regulations).
You are entitled to correct and add details to your personal data. You can ask us to correct inaccurate data regarding yourself and processed by us. Should it turn out we have actually been processing inaccurate data, we will correct them and notify you. You are also entitled to give us any further personal details, should they be necessary for your particular case.
You are entitled to have your personal data deleted. At certain cases, you can ask us to delete your data from our database without hesitation. The cases are the following:
  • we no longer need your data for the purpose they were collected;
  • you withdrew the consent to process your data and we no longer have any legal ground to process them;
  • your personal data have been processed illegally;
  • law regulations require us to do so;
  • if the sensitive data processing was based on our legitimate interest (not on your agreement, license fulfilling etc.) and you protested against said data processing based on your personal reasons (eg. reasons originating from your situation), then we are obligated to delete your data. In this case, though, we don’t need to delete the data, if we prove that our legitimate interest outweighs your interests, rights or freedoms;
  • if the personal data were collected by offering services to a minor.
Even in those cases, we don’t necessarily need to delete the data after all. We can refuse to do so eg. if we need them to establish, perform or defend our legal claims, or if we are required by law to process them. There is number of such exceptions and all of them can be found in the article 17 paragraph 3 of GDPR.
You are authorized to access your personal data. Upon request, we will tell you whether we are processing any personal data concerning you. If so, we will above all inform you about the purpose of such processing, which data we have, who do we distribute them to and how long are we planning to process them. We will give you a copy of your processed personal data free of charge. We can however charge you for further copies to cover our administrative expenses with such act.
You are entitled restrict your personal data processing. Upon your request, we will restrict processing your data, if:
  • you think your personal data in our database are inaccurate. We will restrict using them until we certify whether they are accurate;
  • said processing is illegal, but you refuse to have them deleted and ask for such restriction instead;
  • we no longer require said data for our own purpose, but you will require them for establishing, performing or ddefending your legal claims;
  • your have made a personal objection (from reasons steming from your situation) against processing of your data by our legitimate interest.
We are required to limit such processing of data until certifying our legitimate interest outweighs your personal reasons.
In case of data processing restriction, we are only allowed to:
  • save your data,
  • process your data further with your consent,
  • process your data in order to establish, perform or defend a legal claim,
  • process your data further to protect a different entity (physical person or legal entity) or andd important public interest of EU or any member state.
You are entitled to raise an objection. Should it be about personal data processing required for our legitimate interest (thus not necessarily previously agreed upon), you can object such data processing from personal reasons. If we can’t prove our legitimate interest outweighs your interest or freedom, we shall cease your data processing immediately.
You can raise an objection against processing your data in direct telemarketing. Should you do so, we won’t process your data anymore.
You are entitled to transferability of your data. Regardless whether they are processed based upon your consent or required for filling up a contract, according to the article 20 of GDPR you are entitled to receive your personal data from us, in a structured, widely used and machine-parsable format.
In the above text, when using the term “legitimate interest”, we mean an interest of the ZooControl, s. r. o. company, within the meaning of article 6 paragraph 1 f) GDPR.
To restrict unauthorized persons from accessing your data, we might ask you to show us your ID card or otherwise prove your identity, when claiming your rights above.
To have an overview about your rights being claimed and how well were said claims fulfilled, we monitor all related communication.
You can assert your rights above by contacting us at ZooControl s.r.o., ID: 05766656, based in Planá 67, ZIP 370 01 Planá, Czech republic You can also write us an e-mail to, or call us at a phone number +420 380 422 242. Our certified expert about personal data protection will be glad to assist you. You can contact him anytime at, or write a postal letter to ZooControl s.r.o., personal data protection expert, Planá 67, 370 01 Planá, Czech republic.
If you are not happy about the way we handle your personal data, you can file a complaint at The Office for Personal Data Protection.