Connection of GoSMS service via Integromat

Thanks to Integromat, you will create such a connection that will make it easier for you to work with the GoSMS application.

Integromat connects applications, transmits and transforms data 24 hours a day without your intervention. You just set what this service should do and it will start working for you.

GoSMS integration

You can implement the GoSMS service via Integromat in almost 600 applications. You can find out how to integrate this connection in the FAQ.


  • Receipt of delivery notes

Runs in those cases where a report on new receipts has been generated. A report of received messages is generated every 10 seconds.

  • Receiving a reply

Triggers when a report of responses to the report has been generated. New answers are checked every 10 seconds. If there are answers, a report is generated.


  • Retrieve message detail
  • Sending a text message through the GoSMS gateway
  • Delete a text message
  • Retrieve organization details, including channel list and credit status
  • Test the created message without sending and returning test message information

Search engines

  • Retrieve a list of replies to a message

Try the Integromat application and implement the GoSMS service in applications for which you need to send text SMS messages.