Sending SMS messages via the on-line tool FAPI

FAPI is one of the revolutionary online czech tools through which you can create a sales form in a moment and place it anywhere on the web with a few clicks.

You can prepare this online tool in three steps.

1. You choose what you sell

The basis is to create simple product cards. All you have to do is fill in the product name, price and a few other details. You can prepare any amount of product cards created in this way.

2. Prepare a sales form

Choose a specific product, set the method of payment and transport that will be most suitable for your customers. The sales form will then be generated by you.

3. Insert the form on the website

Put the form generated in this way on your website where you want to sell. For example, pages with a description of the product, a list of services or information about the planned course.

And that's all.

FAPI creates an order for you in the system, matches payments and informs the customer about the shipment of the product.

Information SMS via FAPI

FAPI is fully compatible with our GoSMS service, so you can communicate with your customers directly in the FAPI application via SMS messages. You can use these for two levels. The first is for sending any information regarding the processing of the order. The second level can then be used to send reminders for invoice payments.