Sending information SMS via FlexiShop

FlexiShop is an integrated e-shop and B2B platform, thanks to which you will greatly facilitate your work in e-commerce. If you do not like to do the work twice, enter the goods in the warehouse and on the e-shop, pictures and prices or create new invoices, thanks to FlexiShop you will greatly simplify this work.

What does FlexiShop offer?

  • Product list (displaying product labels, product variants, filtering by parameters, ...)
  • Product detail (display of product availability, display of attributes, display of product description, ...)
  • Users (confirmation of registration by the owner, possibility to send an e-mail to the owner of the eshop, setting the price list of the B2B version, ...)
  • Order (choice of forms of transport and payment, free transport, loyalty point system, ...)
  • E-shop administration (e-shop configuration, promotion of promotions, uploading files for download, ...)
  • Administration of goods and orders (setting of goods and prices, overview of orders, dispatch of orders, ...)
  • Analytics and optimization (Google Analytics, Google Ecommerce)
  • B2B version for business partners (overview of orders, overview of invoices, favorite products, ...)
  • Modern responsive design

Fast communication with the customer

FlexiShop offers a connection to our GoSMS gateway, so you can easily communicate with your customers from the e-shop administration itself. You inform them about changes in the status of the order, dispatch of goods, interesting marketing events, etc.