How to collect contacts online?

Take advantage of the fact the subscribers can register to receive your messaging themselves. See the section Contacts -> Collecting contacts. Here, you have two options. GoSMS offers you to generate a link you can send to potential customers eg. by email. After clicking on the link, customers will see a form where they can fill in the contact information and subscribe to your SMS. You can freely configure the form – colour, mandatory data, accompanying text, telephone number verification, contacts group.

Alternatively, you can place a special contact collection widget on your website. This is the same form, but placed anywhere on your website. Again, you can customize it to suit your design – color, mandatory details, accompanying text, phone number verification, contacts group.

Where are the contacts stored?

Contacts are saved into the group you selected when setting up the widget (form). All contacts registered via the form must first be approved, in order to send SMS to them. An overview of registered contacts can be found in the administration, within the contact collection section.