Recurring payments when recharge SMS credit

When recharge your credit for sending SMS messages, you can use the option of automatic debiting of payments from your credit card, the so-called recurring payments. You can send SMS messages without worrying about whether you have a sufficient credit balance.

The GoPay payment gateway used by GoSMS allows you to make recurring payments using your credit card. The first payment will confirm your settings, and subsequent payments are automatic. Your credit card will then be charged automatically for the amount of the limit you set with GoSMS.

By creating a recurring payment and confirming the settings, you agree to the creation, the parameters of the recurring payment and the storage of the payment data on the GoPay payment gateway side. Your data will be safe, thanks to the strict international PCI-DSS Level 1 security standard. This is the highest level of data security in the payment card processing sector.

The above mentioned recurring payment parameters include:

  • Payment establishment: credit increase for sending bulk SMS,
  • maximum recurring payment amount, which is set individually on the customer side,
  • the frequency of recurring payment debiting is variable according to the limits set by the customer,
  • information about the change in the status of the recurring payment will be sent by e-mail communication to the e-mail of the registered customer,
  • the recurring payment can be cancelled in the automatic recharge settings in the customer's GoSMS account.