Setting up SMS gateway and SMS module in Money ERP

You can also use the GoSMS gateway as part of the connection with Money ERP. It is an optional module that allows you to send SMS messages manually or automatically directly from the Money ERP system.

The biggest benefits of the SMS Messaging module

  • A quick and easy communication channel with your customers, where your message goes directly to the clients' mobile phone,
  • time and labour saving thanks to the ability to create predefined templates with wildcards,
  • automatic actions allowing sending SMS messages in predefined situations (invoice overdue, order dispatch, order ready for collection, etc.),
  • simple and easy to use controls integrated into the Money ERP interface.

Thanks to the above advantages, the module is particularly suitable for e-shops, which can simplify and streamline communication with customers.

What options does the module offer?

The content of the messages can be predefined using the Message Template tool. In it, you can specify not only the text itself, but also through which gateway the SMS will be sent and what object it concerns. When editing the message, you can also use wildcards to automatically fill in important data. A separate interface is used to set wildcards, where you can assign to them, for example, the date the document was issued, the due date, the document number and other information.

The SMS module also has automatic actions functionality for setting up automatic SMS messages to be sent out when a certain condition is met. This can be order processing, issuing an advance invoice or notification of an overdue invoice. Money ERP will then send an SMS notification to the customer in question. If necessary, you can also send SMS messages manually, directly from the Money ERP interface. All you need to do is enter the phone number, select the SMS gateway and enter the text.

Connection settings

Once you have created an account on GoSMS, you will find the API access details in the horizontal menu of the application, where the details for Client ID and Client Secret are generated. Enter these details along with the available channel ID found at the bottom of the same page in Money ERP under Administration - SMS Messages - SMS Service Settings.

Then, in the Administration -SMS Messages - SMS Templates section, you can create message templates for various objects such as orders and invoices, which you can use either for manual sending or in conjunction with a defined automatic action.